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The Market for Flat Roofs

The Market for Flat Roofs Report has gained a reputation for unparalleled detail and accuracy and is essential reading for anyone interested in the flat roof market. It is based on hundreds of in-depth interviews with a wide range of key specifiers, contractors, clients, manufacturers and suppliers of flat roof products, and extensive desk research. The market for flat roofs is separated into the three elements forming a flat roof:

  • Flat roof deck
  • Thermal insulation
  • Waterproof membranes

These elements are analysed by the following types of products:

  • Flat roof deck:
    • Metal (steel + aluminium)
    • Precast concrete
    • Insitu concrete
    • Timber (includes timber and timber derivatives)
  • Thermal insulation:
    • Polyurethane (PIR + PU)
    • EPS
    • XPS
    • Composite insulants
    • Mineral wool:
      • Slab
      • Roll
      • Phenolic
      • Others
  • Flat roof membranes:
    • Single ply
    • Bituminous
    • Torched ons
    • Mastic asphalt
    • Others

The Market for Flat Roofs and its three elements of flat roof construction by types of products, is further broken down by usage by types of work (new, extensions and refurbishment) and by building sectors, including the split between flats and houses in the private and public residential sectors and the individual sub sectors making up the non-domestic market (inclusive of offices, retail, leisure, education and health).

The report also analyses the penetration of flat roofs against pitched roof systems in the various building sectors, sub sectors and types of work.

The report incorporates a detailed 5 year forecast for each element of flat roofs to give a medium term assessment of the likely development of the flat roof market in terms of building sectors, types of work and types of products.

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