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The Market for Building Insulation

The Market for Building Insulation offers a uniquely detailed assessment of the current market for thermal insulation in buildings, subdivided by types of thermal insulation by main-end and by building sectors. The report covers all aspects of insulation in the following end uses:

  • Roofs:
    • Loft insulation
    • Warm roofs
    • Profiled metal roof cladding
    • Flat roofs
  • Walls:
    • Cavity walls
    • ETICS systems (external wall insulation)
    • Framed construction
    • Profiled metal wall cladding
    • Curtain walling / rainscreens
  • Ground floors

These end-uses are further segmented by the main types of thermal insulation, which include the following:

  • Mineral wool:
    • Rolls
    • Blown
    • Slab
  • Polyurethane (includes polyisocyanurate & polyurethane)
  • EPS
  • XPS
  • Factory insulated composite (composite / sandwich panels)
  • Phenolic
  • Multi Foils (aluminium bubble, Tri Iso etc.)
  • Composite insulants used on flat roofs
  • Insulated cassettes
  • Other blown insulation (EPS beads, UF foam, cellulose fibres etc.)
  • Others (cellulose, sheep wool etc.)

The market is further broken down by usage by types of work (new, extensions and refurbishment) and by building sectors, including the split between flats and houses in the private and public residential sectors and the individual sub sectors making up the non-domestic market (inclusive of offices, retail, leisure, education and health).

The report also includes a detailed 5year forecast to give a medium term assessment of the likely development of the insulation market in terms of building sectors, types of work and types of products.

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